"We make dreams fly and memories sing" ©

We strive for excellence and harmony of coordination in all we do. Using animal behavior experience since 1958 and show production experience since 1975 our dedicated team-oriented staff creates shows that are custom tailored for each specific location.
We raise and train each bird to be the best example of its species possible. As these beautiful birds participate in bridging the gap between the natural world and that of man, a connection is formed that is both uplifting and memorable.

We are dedicated to presenting birds in a positive environment for their optimum mental and physical wellbeing. This allows each bird to exhibit its natural beauty and behavior to our audiences.

Carvalho's Friends of a Feather presents birds in flight and song around the world. By combining entertainment, education, positive reinforcement, mental and physical enrichment, and superb show production, we create experiences that remind our audiences of the gifts we share in the birds of the world. In 2007 we facilitated the inclusion of additional animal species into our presentations.